Training Methodology

“The dog represents all that is best in man.” -Etienne Charlet

Imagine a training program in which you and your dog live harmoniously in a balanced relationship…a successful recipe combining a fair and balanced pack order with motivational training techniques.

The Absolute K9 Solutions training philosophy lies in creatively blending proven training techniques utilizing operant conditioning training theory in conjunction with channeling the dogs’ natural drives of play, prey, pack, and food to encourage only those behaviors we, as humans, desire (i.e., attention, games of fetch, manners, and tricks) and to minimize those that do not fit so well into our life styles (like jumping, biting and pulling). This holistic approach to dog training is non invasive, and is aimed at teaching the handler the true art of finessing mutual trust and communication.

Absolute K9 teaches in a reward based system, using food and toys as rewards coupled with clear markers (clicker training). The concept is a simple one….teach with rewards and proof under distraction.