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“Obedience Intensive” Weekend


"Tami McLeod Obedience Intensive"

Join us for our first ever "Obedience Intensive" Weekend on November 14-15, 2015.

What is it?

Tami McLeod will be providing a quaint, semi private obedience intensive retreat in Sonoita, Arizona.  This is a workshop geared toward those interested in immersing themselves in an obedience program from foundation and drive development, through finishing techniques.  

Limited to to a handful of trainers (just four handlers!), this intensive will not only provide several coaching sessions, lectures, and play skills, but we will also gather for optional group conversations over breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  


The intensive will be held at the ball field in Sonoita, Arizona, where the high desert ranch grasslands provide a gorgeous back drop.  Come me visit the cute and quaint towns of Patagonia, just 10 minutes from Sonoita, where the Stage Stop Inn provides ground floor level, pet friendly accommodations.  Walking distance to the Gathering Grounds coffee shop, and join us for gourmet pizza across the street at the Velvet Elvis.  Stories, visiting, and engaging training conversation galore.

Incredible value.  Learn Tami's methodology, no concepts she has honed over the years such as "Stim Scale", play techniques, the progression of removing the reward in preparation for competition, drive empowerment techniques for low to medium drive dogs, conflict free training for extreme high drive dogs, and more!  

How do I Register?

$250/weekend (you may bring up to two dogs)

Preregistration required with a $100 non refundable deposit sent to


Come JOIN us and get your train on!

Drive Building Seminar in California

California Bound!

Last week, I was fortunate enough to be able to make the seven hour trek to sunny, southern California to teach a "Drive Development for Competitive Dog Sports" workshop.  

The workshop, co-hosted by Independent Ringers South (IRS) and Maximum Power Kennels (Kraig Guay), was organized by long time sports friend Kadi Thingvall of Dantero Kennels.  Kadi did a fabulous job of putting this workshop together in short order.  With just a month of lead time the workshop was well attended, and well organized.  The facility grounds in Valley Center proved to be a perfect venue, with manicured lawn grass and plenty of shaded parking.  It is one of those fields dog trainers just drool over!

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Competition Dog Training Weekend in Tucson!

Well, we have announced our next "Weekend Training Retreat' to be held in Sonoita, Arizona!  Visit southern Arizona, at 4.800' elevation during the start of monsoons (coolest part of the year for desert dwellers!).   

Tami McLeod & Chris Vaughn are Tucson dog trainers who will be offering five coaching sessions over the course of a weekend for competitive obedience, problem solving, and protection dog training for both Ringsport and IPO (formerly known as schutzhund).  Only a hand full of dogs will be enrolled in this semi private training weekend.  This is the second "Weekend Training Retreat" scheduled for this year, with the first being a success drawing dog trainers from southern California, New Mexico, Utah, and the Phoenix area.

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